About Chef Alex!

Alecsys (Alex)  Williams’ love for cooking started in the southern kitchens of her mother and grandmother at an early age. Like many, Alex began to experiment with marijuana in its recreational form as a teenager trying to fit in. After an introduction to its positive benefits for her own headaches, Chef Alex began incorporating cannabis into her recipes, marrying the two things she was most knowledgeable about: good food and effective stress relief. Since then Chef Alex has launched Edibles by Alex, a catering business built on the premise that comfort foods can be enhanced through the addition of cannabis.

In 2020, Alex received her Master Certification in Marijuna, adding additional knowledge to her business pursuits. Using her understanding of marijuana growth, cooking and extraction, laws and more, Chef Alex has built two training courses through Edibles by Alex. Cooking with Cannabis 101 is an introductory class offering cannabis cooking basics to attendees. Chef Alex’s CannaLeader course delivers instruction on learning balance, growth, soft skills and confidence to those that indulge.  Alex has also created her own line of cannabis cooking essentials. Alex is on a mission to destigmatize the use of cannabis through advocacy, education and positive lifestyle influence.

Alex lives with her wife and daughter. Cooking remains the primary activity that she does to relax and bring joy to others. Her other hobbies include playing the trumpet, hiking and enjoying a good game of chess.